Baseball Card Boxes

Baseball Card Boxes come in many varieties and are commonly available with anywhere from one to five rows. When storing baseball cards in boxes the cards are typically laid on their long sides in rows, though there are some boxes where the cards may sit upright instead.

Baseball Card Box

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If you’re just getting started collecting baseball cards you may be wondering why you should bother with a specialized baseball card box in the first place, why not just repurpose one of the old shoe boxes we’ve all got lying around? Most other ad-hoc boxes that you’ll find aren’t going to be sized appropriately, so cards are more likely to slide around inside, which is a recipe for damage in itself. Also a lot of shoe boxes, to stick with that example, are very thin and flimsy, it might not happen right away but at some point that thing is going to break or bend enough during handling to cause some damage. Specialized boxes are well worth the money, and they’re super cheap.

Typically boxes will store anywhere from 500 to 800 cards in each row. This is a good storage option if you have thousands of cards and it’s become impractical to store them all in binders or individual plastic baseball card holders. It doesn’t really make sense to store a large quantity of common or invaluable cards in anything other than baseball card boxes.

It’s most common for baseball card boxes to be made out of cardboard, which is completely fine for most scenarios. There are plastic boxes available though they can be difficult to find and for the most part they aren’t really worth the extra cost. The cardboard boxes are pretty tough if you get good ones and as long as you aren’t stacking them floor to ceiling they’ll keep your cards nice and safe.

For the most part you can buy baseball card storage boxes at all the same places you can find the other types of baseball card holders I’ve covered throughout this site. Amazon, eBay, local card shops, baseball card shows, hobby shops, and even on occasion at a WalMart or Target.

I tend to stick with Amazon though, eBay is a respectable option if you’re looking to buy in bulk but if you’re just picking up one box, or a few boxes, then I honestly don’t think you can beat the convenience and peace of mind that Amazon offers over buying from a random individual on eBay.